Emily Champ Reflexology and Zone Face Lift in Wandsworth, South West London

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a session and how much does it cost?

A typical treatment appointment is 60 minutes and costs £60. The first appointment is longer as a consultation is needed.

How will I feel after the treatment?

Feeling very relaxed;
Increased energy;
Improved sleep pattern;
Feeling elated or “on a high”;
Feeling as though they are “floating on air”;
Feeling more in control of their lives and focused;
Relief from pain;
Feet feel more "awake";
Sense of well-being;
A feeling of balance in body and mind;

Are there any reactions to treatments?

Though a very gentle therapy, reflexology can have very powerful emotional and physcial effects.
Increase in the symptoms currently experiencing for example, fatigue, muscle ache
A desire to urinate or defecate and a change in odour or colour
Nausea (especially if being treated for digestive problems)
Runny nose or cough (especially if being treated for sinus problems)
Change in sleep patterns
Heightened emotional reactions

What if I get side-effects?

Reactions to the treatment are perfectly normal and is just the body cleansing itself of toxins and encouraging rebalance in the body, these side effects normally stop after a few treatments. It is also vital to understand that any negative reactions, doesn't mean that reflexology has done any harm. On the contrary, it indicates that it is having a deep balancing effect on your body.

What can I do at home to take full benefit of the treatment?

Home care advice is important to try and improve general lifestyle and prolong treatment benefits to include:-

Avoid stimulants – alcohol, tea, and coffee and non-prescription drugs for at least 12 hours
Healthy eating
Increase fluid/water intake (to help flush the toxins out of the body)
Increase exercise in general
Importance of good posture (especially if have sedentary job)
Smoking habits
Sleep patterns
To rest as much as possible if feel tired after treatment
Improve time management
Relaxation techniques
Stress levels
The use of heat and cold, e.g. compresses
Reflexology as part of a holistic lifestyle

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